Alex the Education Man

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This is Alex The Education Man, he’s a good kid from Colorado and checked in with the our office. He gets to help families with in-home educational resources, get kids excited about reading, and helps students save tons of time on schoolwork and studying. We didn’t go over the products so this is not an endorsement, he just checked in with us. They partner with companies such as National Geographic, Princeton Review, McGraw Hill and cover ABCs to ACTs. He wanted to clarify that he is NOT associated with any school district, he works with Southwestern Advantage. Here’s his page for more details:

*from alex*

Thanks everyone for being so kind so far, excited to meet everyone else!

See you on the front porch,

Alex ‘The Education Man’ Haar


Jun 21 - 28 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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